This medical herb belongs to our most indispensable and highly valued herbal remedies, which the outdoors has in store for us. It will grow in moistened meadows, ditches and near streams, is available also near fences as well as in gravel pits, flowering all summer time. The results in are difficult and aimed in the end. The several yr old basic, dim light brown to black color on the exterior, white-colored to yellowish inside, is of the thickness of the thumb and, cut open up, is sticky, virtually slimy. The main is dug outside in spring or the fall. The new herb is obtained before and through enough time of blooming.

Comfrey medical herb, herbal remedies

The tincture of Comfrey, quickly prepared, features fantastic energy. People, that are suffering from rheumatism and swelling of bones and also have been addressed with other solutions without good results, have found relief with Comfrey tincture. A woman could hardly use her proper arm (the socket joints was virtually unusable) as well as the medical doctor had already diagnosed paralysis. Following my assistance, she rubbed the tincture to the joints of your appropriate left arm everyday. Daily she noticed how her criticism eased. Nowadays she can use her left arm normally and might care for her house. The results in of Comfrey, scaled and utilized like a poultice and applied to paralyzed limbs caused by over effort, dislocation, sprain or jolt, help right away.

My husband’s aunt was strike from a bike. She was delivered to a healthcare facility by using a fracture in the trendy joints a pin was inserted and soon after she was cured, she kept a healthcare facility. After a year the pin must have been removed but as she possessed no soreness and might go walking comfortably, she refrained from seeing the organized verify-up. Every little thing appeared in excellent purchase, until finally 1 day she sensed intolerable discomfort.

The pin had to be eliminated and it also was found that this bone was afflicted. Shots dulled the pain for short time periods, but the infections did not heal. In this particular condition she came to stop by, a picture of misery. I can status without exaggeration that cozy poultices of Comfrey really helped overnight. Next day the female was able to sit down and lie without pain. Given that only modest components of Comfrey origins had been offered in holistic stores, the wise aunt dried out them a little more from the your oven and soil them with a caffeine grinding machine (a poppyseed grinding machine does it as well). She utilized these poultices (see “directions”) until finally she possessed no longer problems.

Knobs on the joints of hands and ft . are supposed to disappear altogether by using these poultices. I wish to explain how the Comfrey meal on its own, employed being a poultice, presents ease in paraplegia. Cozy poultices are of help in varicose ulcers, muscular rheumatism, gouty arthritis gemstones, pains, painful amputation stumps, and periostitis on its own.

A green tea could be ready from the beginnings and employed internally for bronchitis, conditions from the gastrointestinal system, bleeding within the tummy and pleurisy. two to four servings are sipped in the daytime. For belly ulcers a tea of 100 gm. Comfrey, 50 gm. Calendula and 50 gm. Knot grass (Polygnom aviculare) is recommended (see “directions”).

Once again I want to talk about the Comfrey tincture. As a compress it really is applied most successfully for external and internal wounds, a variety of injuries, bruises, contusions, ecchymosis and bone fractures.

The simply leaves of Comfrey are not only utilized as poultices but also as enhancements to baths for rheumatic problems, gout, painful bone fragments, slipped discs and flawed flow.

For flawed circulation in the thighs, varicose blood vessels and as additional treatments for bone tissue fractures, Comfrey sitz baths are taken.

Within an aged German dish Comfrey leaves are dipped right into a light mixture and fried in gas. There exists goodness there for the whole household.


TEA Prep Through The Origins: 2 teaspoons of finely sliced origins are soaked in ¼ litre cool h2o immediately, somewhat warmed each day, strained and brought in sips.

TEA (FOR Tummy ULCERS): A heaped teaspoon of the combination (see textual content above) to ¼ litre of boiling water, infuse for 3 minutes. 3 to 4 servings are sipped in the daytime.

POULTICE: Well dried up origins are finely soil, mixed quickly with sizzling hot h2o plus some drops of food preparation gas and spread out on a sheet of bed linen, employed comfortable on the area affected and bandaged.

LEAF APPLICATIONS (fresh): Fresh leaves are washed, beaten to a pulp and applied to the affected part.

LEAF APPLICATIONS (hot): Comfrey leaves are scalded and applied warm.

ADDITIONS TO FULL BATH: 500 gm. fresh or dried Comfrey leaves are soaked in approx. 5 litres of cold water. Next day it is brought to the boil and the liquid is added to the bath water (see “full bath” – General Information).

SITZ BATH: Proceed as for full bath, but use only 200 gm. of leaves.

COMFREY TINCTURE: Comfrey roots are washed and cleaned with a brush, finely chopped, loosely placed in a bottle, rye whisky or vodka poured over them and the bottle kept in the sun or near the stove for 14 days.

COMFREY OINTMENT: 4 to 6 fresh, washed Comfrey roots, depending on size, are finely chopped and added to 250 gm. of heated lard and left to cool overnight. Next day reheated, lightly strained and pressed through a cloth, immediately poured into clean, small jars and stored in the refrigerator. This Comfrey ointment can be used instead of the meal. For treatment of wounds in humans and animals the ointment is invaluable.

COMFREY WINE: 2 to 5 fresh roots are finely chopped and macerated in one litre of white wine for 5 to 6 weeks. An excellent remedy for pulmonary complaints!