Sidi Gravel Cycling Shoe – Men’s. Sidi blends the comfort and support of a road shoe with the mud-shedding upper and reinforcement of a mountain shoe to deliver a new gravel boot with the straightforward title of the Sidi Gravel Cycling Shoe. As manufacturers continue to reposition existing mountain bike shoes as ‘for gravel’, Sidi has engineered the Gravel shoe from the ground up with rugged materials and a dialed fit that forces us to rethink our long-held beliefs regarding the relevancy of gravel shoes. That is to say, if you need to find a proper gravel shoe, let it be this one. The Gravel Cycling Shoe borrows long-lasting durability from Sidi’s lineup of mountain bike footwear. A Politex upper combines PVC and high-density felt to promote a tough material with holes and mesh for airflow, so your feet stay dry and cool even if you find yourself sprinting through the mud. The heel and toe are reinforced with abrasion-resistant rubber to protect your foot in the event of a crash, and the nylon sole is reinforced with carbon to make the Gravel a walkable shoe for competition.

Sidi Gravel Cycling Shoe - Men's

Sidi Gravel Cycling Shoe, Men’s