The Bergerac phenomenon, evidence of paleovisit. We know mainly because the hero of a famous perform by Edmond Rostand. The true Cyrano de Bergerac was a French article writer and playwright of your Center Age groups (1619-1655), who existed a brief, although stormy daily life. Within his tale – or treatise – “Another Light-weight, or even the Says and Empires in the Moon”, published in 1656, you can find locations that are very interested for that modern viewer.

The Bergerac phenomenon, evidence of paleovisit

1. This is the way he describes, for instance, his fantastic airline flight for the moon: “As soon as being the flames wrecked one row of rockets – these people were organized in six items – on account of the fuse located after every single row, an additional row lit up hence, since the saltpeter ignited, the danger receded and as well improved. Lastly, the saltpeter was all burned out, and the device ceased doing work I was already believing that I would personally place my head on the top of some mountain peak, but suddenly I noticed that, despite the fact that I didn’t transfer by any means, I still ongoing to ascend, however the vehicle kept me and dropped for the The planet …

Once I then deemed that we experienced flown already about three-quarters of the distance separating planet earth in the Moon, I suddenly realized that I had been traveling by air ft. up, although I did not roll above. “After all, the size of your Moon is lower than the size of the Earth,” I reasoned, “which ensures that it affects a reduced space, this is why I later sensed the push from the appeal on me personally.”

Isn’t it incredible: long before the invention of your steam motor and also the inside combustion engine, a modern day of Louis XIV and the About three Musketeers – “suspected” the longer term role from the rocket engine in interplanetary telecommunications! Not only that: he “guessed” these kinds of information as the multiple-stage spacecraft, the divorce in the invested portion as a result along with the sensations from the spacecraft person throughout the move to the Moon’s sphere of gravity!

These arguments of Bergerac regarding the attraction of the Moon are much more surprising, because the reserve from the famous English scientist Isaac Newton “Numerical Guidelines of Natural Viewpoint”, in which the rules of common gravitation is developed, was posted only in 1687, 30 years after Bergerac’s reserve!

2. And this is what a certain “demon” presented the writer – a occupant of your Moon : “Having taken out the way it is, I found in it some thing metal, reminiscent of our wall time clock and filled with some type of springs and barely noticeable mechanisms. Really it really is a book, but an excellent publication, with out pages and characters in the phrase, a magazine that does not call for sight to read, only ear are required. Anyone who would like to read through a guide winds up a process through the help of a lot of tips, turns the arrow on the section he wishes to pick up, and immediately from your reserve, as from a human throat or from the musical instrument, a variety of unique appears to be begin to be observed, providing the people in the moon to express feelings and thoughts. “. But including the phonograph – the forerunner in the gramophone – was invented by Thomas Alva Edison only two centuries following the publication of Bergerac’s guide: in 1877!

3. Light bulbs: “… He rushed to his room and immediately came back, hauling two vessels by using these a dazzling fireplace that everybody was surprised he did not burn his hands and wrists. “ These inextinguishable lighting will assist us better than fireflies.” Right here the sun’s rays I cleansed them from the heating, usually the eliminating power with their flame will have bad your eye sight so you might have been blinded I isolated the sunshine and encased it in transparent balls, that i have inside my hands. It is actually believed that Lodygin conceived the electric bulb in 1872 and Edison enhanced it in 1879 – yet again, two hundreds of years right after the newsletter of Bergerac’s publication!

Nevertheless, referrals to artificial illumination are dispersed throughout us. numerous more aged resources. “ Nonetheless,” he objected for me, “if, while you say, the fixed celebrities are identical suns, it could be possible to determine out of this the World is infinite, for the occupants of the worlds that are positioned around the set star, that you simply consider for that Sunlight, see above us can also be fixed celebrities, which we cannot see from this point, so on advertising infinitum.

4. Cells of the body and microbes: “… Probably our flesh, blood flow, mind is nothing but a mixture of very small creatures that chat to each other, move your body in action and, blindly enabling our will, which serves in their mind as a charioteer, to carry them from destination to spot, they themselves guide us somewhere and jointly make everything we phone Life… so many individuals, and so they pass away both from craving for food and then in a stampede, from suffocation. Loss of life will come if the abscess matures old muscle gets to be insensitive, this demonstrates the creatures have suffocated bloodletting, which can be prescribed to avoid soreness, is frequently advantageous, for a lot of tiny animals perish emerging from the pit they desired to plug, and decline to help the allies, plus they are not strong enough to defend themselves individually, every single for him self.

5. World: “… I really believe that this planets are worlds rotating around the Sunlight, and the resolved stars will also be suns, all around which in addition there are planets, i.e. worlds that we tend not to see because of their little dimension, plus as their lent light-weight doesn’t get to Nonetheless, referrals to unnatural lights are dispersed throughout us. a lot of older places. “

However,” he objected for me, “if, while you say, the resolved stars are exactly the same suns, it would be possible to conclude using this that the World is unlimited, for that occupants of these worlds which are positioned across the fixed legend, which you consider to the Sun, see above us are also resolved superstars, which we cannot see from here, and thus on advertising infinitum.

Bergerac journeyed a little bit more than Copernicus and Galileo, refusing to identify not only our planet, but also the Sun as the center of the World – and declaring the Universe infinite, as it is approved by contemporary science! Let’s bear in mind when it was composed.

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A study on findings by the Dutch naturalist Anthony vehicle Leeuwenhoek of microorganisms through a lenses specially produced by him having a 300-retract boost (the precursor in the microscope) was printed in 1673, 17 several years right after the newsletter of Bergerac’s book! When you look into all the range of Bergerac’s “providences”, you arrived at the final outcome these particular are not just guesses. A few this kind of phenomena may be suspected, but much more?..

It seems that Bergerac either read through old manuscripts who have not made it through towards the current day, or really achieved with aliens. The brand of Cyrano de Bergerac has become incorporated into one particular basic set of non-normal information, in addition to yoga, homeopathy, hypnosis, chess plus some others, as another “evidence of paleovisit”, that is, appointments for the The planet before by area aliens from other planets