Vimanika Shastra can be a unique monument of the more historical Vedic society that existed on The planet a lot more than 5 thousand yrs ago. In Vedic occasions, men and women not only possessed special knowledge in the field of treatments, astrology, viewpoint and other esoteric sciences, but additionally knew how to build plane utilizing completely special systems and journey to far-away worlds of the World. The very first time, the Russian viewer finally will become accessible to the original key understanding of the aircraft-vimanas, implying a very high standard of technical growth and development of the Vedic civilization. This job at one time was actually a sensible manual for your design and operations of viman plane.

Vimanika Shastra

In 1875, in one of the temples of India, the treatise Vimanika Shastra, published by Bharadvaji the Sensible in the 4th century BC, was found. e. centered on even earlier messages. Ahead of the eyeballs of your shocked researchers, thorough descriptions of peculiar aircraft of antiquity sprang out, similar to present day UFOs within their specialized characteristics. The devices had been known as vimanas and had a variety of remarkable features, between which 32 principal strategies are shown that will make vimanas also a formidable weapon. These “heavenly chariots” had been so solid that they can could not be cracked or used up.

By converting on various kinds of changes, the vimanas were able to spin around their axis, shrink or develop (which is, decrease or boost in size), change shape while in airline flight: acquire the sort of a cloud for the purpose of masking emit a solid brilliance or, alternatively, form absolute darkness around itself absorb the sun’s rays and turn into unseen shift with higher velocity take flight from a single land to a different one and even from one world to another move in leaps or zigzags jump give off sun rays of light, under the influence of which all things grew to be visible generate push capable of paralyzing folks and animals to receive on their display screens an image of what is going on at a considerable distance, and so forth.

The Indian scientist Narin Shethu, who analyzed the Vimanika Shastra, were able to recreate one of the components utilized in the making of vimanas. It took him about three many years to get this done. The alloy is described as “a black color reliable substance with magnet qualities, insoluble in acidity”. Inside, particularly, you will find silicon, sodium, metal and copper

The ancient Indian treatise “Samara Sutradhara”, developed in the 4th century BC on the premise of old text messages, conveys about the building of vimanas, alternative methods of taking off and obtaining, and also about the possibility of crash with birds. There may be details about driving vimanas, guarding them from hard storms and how to use the vitality in the Sun in an anti-gravitational pressure engine. Vimans might take off vertically, hover within the air flow like a contemporary heli. These folks were produced from very strong refractory substance. Vimanas were actually stored in unique hangars.

Based on the Samara Sutradhara, a unexplainable yellowish-bright white liquid was applied as gasoline to the vimanas, and in some cases some kind of mercury substance. Vimanas got distinct motors, making use of diverse guidelines inside their function. As well as anti-gravity motors, the principle of procedure which is not known to modern day science, inside combustion engines had been mounted on airplane, along with propellant rocket engines. In the course of World War II, non-conventional methods of obtaining understanding were actually also applied in Germany – intoxicated by hallucinogenic medicines, in a condition of trance or get in touch with of sources with the Increased Unknowns, or, as they were actually named, “Outer Minds”. The ancient occult “secrets” (formulas, spells, and many others.) identified through the help of “Ahnenerbe” had been also applied, which made it feasible to ascertain exposure to the “other planet”. For “sessions with spirits” included one of the most knowledgeable platforms and contactees (Maria Otte among others).

For your wholesomeness of your outcomes, the experiments had been conducted independently in the Thule and Vril communities. Some occult “secrets” are said to obtain did the trick, plus some magic formula details was received through independent “stations”. For instance, drawings and product descriptions of “traveling by air discs”, which within their characteristics significantly surpassed the aviation modern technology of this time. Of certain attention to Nazi scientists was the technological expertise in the Atlanteans, which, based on icon, assisted create massive water vessels and airships driven by an unknown push.

There is certainly specifics of the advancement in the IV experimental design and style centre of your SS, subordinate on the Dark Direct sun light community, an incredibly top secret “traveling saucer” “Honebu-2” (Haunebu-II). In their reserve “German flying saucers” O. Bergmann presents several of its practical features. Size 26.3 m. Generator: “Thule”-tachyonator, with a diameter of 23.1 meters. Control: impulse magnet area electrical generator. Speed: 6000 km/ h (computed – 21000 km/ h).

Air travel length: 55 hrs and much more. Adaptability for flights in external room – totally. Staff – nine people, with travellers – twenty people. Prepared serial production: late 1943 – early on 1944. Fortunately for people like us, the Nazis failed to launch the production of these devices for a number of reasons.